Vision Plan

Advanced Eye Examinations -The care your eyes deserve 

Let Oldbury & Cruickshank make you Look, See and Feel amazing! As professional Optometrists, caring for eyes and eyesight has been our prime concern for many years.

Increasingly technological advances and improvements in the understanding of the eyes have enabled great advances in the ability of optometrists to care for your eyes and detect problems early. Over recent years we have invested significantly in new technology allowing us to give you, our patients, an advanced eye examination and experience.

The NHS, although a fantastic service , can simply not support the in-depth examination requirements needed to give the best possible care our eyes deserve. Even a standard private eye examination fee is not designed to cover everything we can now offer. 

Therefore we have introduced ‘Vision Plan’, designed to give you access to comprehensive eye care as required, when required, for a simple monthly fee.

Unfortunately this technology is not without a price and the current NHS eye examination fee does not cover what we consider to be a comprehensive eye examination. Even a standard private eye examination is not designed to cover everything we can now offer.

How does it work?

Simple, for a monthly payment  you will receive:

  • A comprehensive eye examination including advanced 3D OCT scans which provide 3D cross sectional scan of the back of your eyes.This is invaluable in recording the health of your eyes and early detection of problems
  • Nerve Fibre analysis of the retina to aid the early detection and monitoring of Glaucoma
  • Additional examinations throughout the year as required. As well as a full comprehensive  eye examination every 12 months regardless of the NHS recall criteria.
  • Full high-definition 3D scans of the macula and detailed analysis
  • Priority access to appointments and emergency access to a senior optometrist at no extra cost
  • Contact lens aftercare (if contact lens option chosen).

As  Vision Plan members we can also separately offer you:

  • 25% DISCOUNT on any prescription spectacles and prescription sunglasses purchased once you join the plan.

Through the Vision Plan we can provide a superior and uncompromising approach to your ocular health and well-being

For further information and costs  call our practice and speak to one of our friendly team members. 


*Not covered: Dyslexia examinations, contact lens fitting, punctum plugs plus some investigations requested by consultants or DVLA – please ask for details. 
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