We have only managed to go and secure the first ever VisiOffice X in the whole country !! I am
sure you were just as excited as we were and tense with anticipation. Well you no longer need
to stress, we have it, its here, it works and its fully installed in our Macclesfield practice.
Now there may be a couple of people out there who may not be a 100% sure what I am talking
about. For those people, please don’t stress as I will give you a complimentary breakdown on
exactly what this breakthrough technology will provide.

So this is the Visi-office X, or at least a small picture of it.
In real life this is actually about 8 ft tall, far more imposing and far more impressive.It currently stands proudly in our practice in Macclesfield ready to provide the next step in giving you the most accurate pinpoint vision
humanly possible.
I want to now try and explain exactly what it does and why it
matters to you. The idea of this new equipment is to intricately track and map your visual behaviour. A common
misconception is that we simply point our eyes at what we
look at and that`s it. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. The
area of visual field we use is actually very extensive and we
need a lens that can adapt to that. Broken down this means
we often look through many different parts of a spectacle lens to do specific tasks. Now prior to the latest technologies
lenses were not made to deal with this. This meant that often
areas of the lens, unless looking directly through the centre,
were blurred or just not up to our expected standards. So we
went and fixed that…..

Introducing the VisiOffice X
This machine measures precisely whether you naturally move
your eyes to objects or move you head. It measures how the frame lies on your face and how
your natural gait interacts with this. It measure every angle under the sun from how your face
tilts to how the angle of the lens will affect the light entering your eye. It then maps the perfect
combination of lens for you. What I mean by this is that it maps every square micrometer to
produce the best possible points of focus required to fully adapt to all your viewing needs. It
knows where your eyes go to for your near vision, it knows where you move your eyes to view the periphery and pretty much knows your shoe size.

Now if we can map exactly how your eyes react to all circumstances (and we can), this means we can then produce a lens that is completely bespoke and individually tailored to you. This results you in getting exceptional quality of vision optimised for exactly how your eyes work. Who doesn`t want a lens that completely adapts to them?….

Now these measurements are no longer just for varifocal wearers, these bespoke precision measurements can now be done for any lens . This could be for distance or reading, sunglasses, occupational lenses and the list goes on. This means you can have a perfect vision regardless of the lenses you need.

Sincerely yours,

Alex Rigby

Senior Optometrist


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