Polarised Lenses

Why Have Polarised Lenses?

Protection from the discomfort of sun glare is the number one benefit that people want when purchasing sunglasses – both for prescription and non-prescription users.  Ordinary ‘non-polarised’ sunglasses do not provide sun glare protection, only polarised lenses can achieve this.  While sunglasses are often considered a seasonal accessory, protection from the suns glare is required all year round.  Vision obscured by sun glare is one of the leading causes of road accidents.  (Statistical Assessment of the Glare Issue, National Center for Statistics and Analysis National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) The suns glare is harshest when reflected off concrete and glass making driving conditions dangerous.  Reducing sun glare with polarised lenses means safer more relaxed vision.

The great news is we stock the single best polarised sunglasses on the market !

Maui Jim Polarised Lenses have the Answers

Maui Jim offer polarised plus2 sunglasses – Born on the sunny beaches of Maui, Hawaii, in the early 1980s, Maui Jim sunglasses were developed out of sheer need – a sunglass lens that would protect eyes from the harsh glare and UV rays of the intense Hawaii sun without distorting the beautiful colours of the island scenery.  Everyone said it was impossible but after years of research and development, the impossible became a reality and Maui Jim’s patented polarized plus technology emerged. (We are still waiting for an invite to their head office but we think it may be lost in the post)

The difference in a pair of Maui Jims is impossible to miss, put on a pair of Maui Jims and instantly the glare is gone.  UV that can damage eyes is gone.  The world’s true colours come shining through like never before.  Bolder, richer and crisper with more contrast and clarity.

Maui Jim offer 4 different lens colours for different lighting conditions:

  • Neutral Grey for bright direct sunlight – Offers the highest available light reduction for bright, direct sunlight while enhancing colour and contrast.
  • HCL Bronze for full sun to overcast – High contrast lens offers excellent contrast and colour enhancement for everyday variable light conditions, which is great if you love a warm, subtle bronze tone.
  • Maui Rose for full sun to overcast – The most comfortable lens colour to wear as it relaxes the eye muscles.  Excellent contrast and colour enhancement.  Provides a soothing rose tone.
  • Maui HT for variable light conditions – for times when most lenses would be too dark.  This offers the highest available light transmission allowing for incredible depth perception, with excellent colour enhancement and contrast.

Thanks for reading and hope you feel a little better prepared to arm yourself against the summer sun.

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