How sunglasses do much more than just reducing glare

Surveys have proven time and time again how important sun protection is for our ocular health and wellbeing. But did you know that sunglasses do much more than just protect from glare and that wearing them more often could be protecting your from much more.

Here are Oldbury & Cruickshanks top reasons why sunglasses are more than an accessory.

Our eyes and the surrounding skin are extremely sensitive. Leaving this area unprotected and exposed to the elements can produce profound effects not only to your vision but also your health.

This is why using a high-quality sunglass can pay back dividends in the long term.

So what does high quality mean to the experts? These are our top 3 recommendations when it comes to the perfect sunglass.


  1. 100% UVA and UVB protection: These are the most harmful wavelengths of light in the visual spectrum and therefor the most important to block out.
  2. Polarized lenses: Perfect for eliminating glare from any surface giving you a better quality of vision.
  3. Good coverage: Who wants a lens that is simply not fit for purpose. A good sunglass that covers the eye and the surrounding skin is perfect.
  4. Anti- reflective coatings: Having these on the back surface of a great sunglass lens will help to stop any light reflecting back into your eyes. A perfect example of this would be the Crizal Sun lens by Essilor


So just what are the effects caused by sun exposure?

Skin Cancer

Ever wonder why wrinkles often start around the eyes first. This is due to the delicate nature skin surrounding the area. This means it is often most susceptible to damage and the natural aging process. This is why good UV protection and coverage are key to prevent aging and damage to the eyes.

Cataracts & Glaucoma

Good UV protection can help reduce the rate of cataract development and help reduce the risk of complications from glaucoma.

Macular Degeneration

Specific types of UV radiation are absorbed by the back of the eye. This can lead to damage to the retinal cells and eventually damage to your eyesight. Sunglasses with a high end UV filter can help to absorb this radiation and reduce the strain on the eyes.


These are a small yellow vascular overgrowth that can develop on the whites of the eyes. Whilst completely harmless then can produce a yellowing effect and are exacerbated by the sun. Whilst there are treatments available these can lead to discomfort and dry eyes. The best and most recommended treatment is prevention!

Protection from the Elements

There is more to protecting your eyes than just defending from the sun. So what else do you need to consider ?


Ever heard of snow blindness? This is when the severe effects of the sun rays can actually burn the cornea. This is magnified when the UV rays bounce off the surface of the snow doubling the impact of the harmful glare. So no matter the time of year always fully protect your eyes when in the snow.

Sand, Wind & Dust

When outdoors all of these things can cause irritation and damage to the surface of the eyes. As always the easiest form of treatment is prevention and by simply having good covered you can protect your eyes from the elements

Decrease Your Dry-Eye Problems

Many people suffer from dry-eye syndrome and a lot of this can be caused by environmental factors. Sunglasses help protect against these factors by blocking the wind and dust from getting into your eyes. 

Enjoy better vision and appreciate the outdoors!

If you enjoy spending time outdoors we have two exceptional lenses that can help take the visual experience to another level.

Polarized Lenses: Through eliminating glare from any surface a good polarized lens can not only  significantly decrease glare but give and overall better quality of vision.

Colour enhancement technology: Our premium sunglass supplier Maui Jim have not only Polarised lenses but a colour enhancement filter to shows you the vibrance and vivid details in colours the world has to offer.

Fewer Headaches & Migraines?

Migraines and headaches can sometimes be linked to bright sunlight. Protection from this can not only help reduced frequency but also the intensity. The same can be said of eyestrain and fatigue in bright lights.

Being safer on the Roads

Sunglasses are awesome when it comes to reducing the sun’s garish glare. Why is that important? It allows for proper vision when you’re taking part in a high-risk task such as driving. Wearing sunglasses when you drive instead of squinting will help to keep you as safe as possible on the roads. 

Sunglasses Can Help You Look and Feel Amazing

With the extensive range to choose from you can find any style to fit your needs.

Whether it be classic, modern or fashion driven there’s a pair of sunglasses that will make you look and feel amazing.

Look great and protect yourself


So there you are, our top reasons for investing in a high quality pair of sunglasses. If you have any further questions please do hesitate to contact us or arrange an appointment with one of our lens experts.

Discover our range of stunning designer sunglasses, from brands including Ray-Ban,  Maui Jim, Prada, BVLGARI, and Oliver Peoples.


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