Free Eye Test for Kids

Did you know that all children are fully entitled to a NHS free eye examination up to the age of 16. This means not only do you get a full ocular health check but we don’t charge you a penny for doing it.

How do you know what your kids are seeing?

How do your children know what “Normal” is?

So the kids are off school AGAIN  and pretty sure you will have all bases covered, Shoes, Uniform and maybe even a trip to the dentist! But why do we not include a routine full eye examination in the list of things to do before the kids head back. There are two things we don’t do particularly well in this country (amongst several other things but that`s outside my remit)

  1. We don’t protect our eyes against the sun properly 
  2. We don’t have enough routine eye examinations.

The NHS recommends that children should have their eyes examined at least once every 2 years and this is why you can get free eye test for kids.

How do you know what your child is seeing is “normal”. The amount of instances we have of children coming in with “no concerns” from them or their parents only to find the vision has been reduced is overwhelming. Small progressive changes over time can often be met with compensations such as moving closer to objects, squinting or simply straining the eyes. There are even occasions where children simply ‘switch off’ one eye if they are struggling to see through it.

I urge you, even if you have no concerns about your child`s vision, to get it checked on a regular basis (we often agree about 12 months is a good time between tests). This is not only useful as an overall well-being check of their eyes but also getting them into a good routine as  part of their “Health Routine”!! Doctors, Dentists ……Eyes! And the most important thing is the reassurance that your child is seeing exactly what they should be, giving them the best possible chance of succeeding in whatever they choose to do. Finally a point for thought, if all children are full entitled to a free NHS examination explain again why we don’t have these done regularly?

So what is the outcome from a great eye examination?

Your child`s eyes might be perfectly healthy – Whoop.

Your child may need glasses! That`s OK a lot of people do , its not such a big deal anymore. Would you order a pair of shoes that didn’t fit your kids? Then why do we see so many children walking round with ill fitting glasses? Don’t get me wrong, kids glasses get broken and twisted and take an absolute beating. I am 32 and still have to have my glasses regularly fitted (historically very clumsy). But I know that they can and should be fitted to great standard. This matters more with children`s spectacles more than any as often they are there to help the visual development and stop them developing “lazy or weak” eyes. 

People come in all shapes and sizes and we cater for that, we have patients from only 3 months to 101 years of age, all with fantastically fitted glasses.. The fitting of the glasses is so important to ensure the best vision is obtained and that the glasses are doing exactly what they should for your child`s eyes.

Take a look round our website: read more about Kids Eye Care and Eye Examinations or Get in touch for help, advice, orders or appointments.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon.

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