Eyezen is the next step in digitally enhanced lenses to help prevent eyestrain & fatigue


Our eyes are not designed for the digital age: From as little as 20 minutes of close work our eyes start to weaken and can experience eyestrain, headaches and even blurred vision. This occurs with any digital devices whether we spend 30 minutes or 12 hours staring at a screen. The digital age is having an impact on our vision and Eyezen is the solution.

See comfortably with Eyezen


Digital devices are influencing the way we learn, work, play and socialise. This has redefined the way our eyes have to work and the way lenses have to support that.

Working on a screen can be really taxing on the eyes. Whether that be switching between objects at different distances  or focusing on small pixelated characters.

Smartphone screens can refresh 60 times every second meaning your eyes constantly have to refocus each time. Eyezen lenses delivery sharper vision than any single vision lens helping to prevent eye fatigue.

Whether long or short sighted Eyezen lenses can help.It has even been shown to benefit those who have no prescription at all.

Tired, uncomfortable or itchy eyes?

These are all signs that your eyes may be experiencing strain. Although blurred vision is one of the more common symptoms it is not alone!  

Whether working with computers, phones or tablets for prolonged periods it is likely your eyes will be overworking. But now we have a solution!

Blue Light Filtering Technology

Light is fundamental to the health and well-being of our eyes. It allows us to see shapes, details and colours but also controls our sleep/wake cycle.

Varying wavelengths of light affect the eyes in different ways. Ultra-violet and Blue-Violet light can cause premature eye ageing as well as impacting our ability to sleep.

Staring at screens all day increase the amount of blue-violet light that our eyes absorb which impacts the bodies ability to control the sleep/wake cycle.

Eye Protect System is a unique filtering system. Once embedded into Eyezen lenses it creates a Blue-Violet light filter. Ultra-violet protection has become a standard with all our lenses

Eyezen lenses help to prevent eyestrain

Eyezen lenses are specifically designed to meet today’s visual requirements.

Because of its enhanced design, these lenses can support you when you’re working, socialising or gaming on your phone, computer or games console.

This means you can continue doing what you do whilst enjoying sharp, comfortable and protected vision.

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