Blephex© is a new clinical treatment for dry eyes and ocular discomfort caused by Blepharitis and Demodex. 

Blephex© helps to unblock the oil secreting glands on the eyelid by removing bacteria and debris. This aids the function of the tear film to help maintain ocular hydration. The healthier the tear film the more comfortable and clear the eyes will feel. 

 It can also be used to remove a specific form of mite (demodex) that can naturally occur on the eyelashes. This can be a route cause of dry eyes and is present in a large proportion of the population. 

Having a regular deep clean of the eyelids and lashes can help relieve the symptoms of chronic inflammatory dry eyes. Very similar to way a dental hygienist would give the teeth a thorough clean, to remove plaque and keep them healthy, removing the biofilm from the eyelashes has the same effect on the eyes.  Due to its chronic nature, the most important aspect of treating Blepharitis is to ensure the lids are kept clean.


Symptoms of Blepharitis  

  • Crusting on the eyelashes, creating irritation and leading to a build up of oil and debris
  • The eyes burning, itching or becoming inflamed
  • Scaling appearing on the root of the eyelash
  • Blepharitis is not life threatening but if left untreated the symptoms will not improve and may progress
  • It is very common for elective surgery (such as cataract) to be cancelled due to the presence of Blepharitis

Historically people have been advised to use baby shampoo to clean the eyelids to help treat blepharitis. This unfortunately causes more issues than it solves and actually breaks down the tears causing the symptoms of dry eyes to get worse.

Blephex treatment is our first line of action when blepharitis is diagnosed. Without a clean starting point it is increasingly difficult to manage the symptoms by simply using lid cleaning wipes alone.

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