Jul 21

Visual Stress

  Could Visual Stress be affecting your child’s ability to learn? One thing we can all admit is that school  wasn’t exactly the easiest time of our lives (never mind home-school). Not quite on par with the responsibilities of being a “grown up” but not easy. Whilst at school, not only do we have the…

Jun 21


Eyezen is the next step in digitally enhanced lenses to help prevent eyestrain & fatigue   Our eyes are not designed for the digital age: From as little as 20 minutes of close work our eyes start to weaken and can experience eyestrain, headaches and even blurred vision. This occurs with any digital devices whether…

Oct 29

Multi Pair offer

Is one pair ever enough?  When its time for a new prescription most people will often choose just the one pair of glasses. But there are many benefits and reasons to have multiple pairs of eye wear. Spare pair just in case – Accidents happen, people lose things, we`ve all been there. For work –…

Sep 3

Not a dry eye in the house!

What is dry eye? Dry eye condition is a common disease in which our eyes either produce less tears or tears leave the eye too quickly. A normal tear film acts as moisturiser and lubricant. The lack of this moisture and lubrication can lead to a variety of eye problems. Dry eye can also be…

Jun 6


____FROM THE DESK OF___ THE OPTICIAN 22 MAY 2019 Dear Reader, We have only managed to go and secure one of the first ever VisiOffice X in the whole country !! I am sure you were just as excited as we were and tense with anticipation. Well you no longer need to stress, we have…

May 16


The new Visioffice X has arrived We are one of the first practices in the UK to offer the latest and most innovative digital measuring service which will help our patient experience crisper clearer vision … The interactive measurement journey involves the patient throughout the process with spoken instructions and animated visuals to guide and…

bespoke varifocal
May 8

Bespoke Varifocals

What bespoke Varifocals mean to us as an independent opticians The Varifocal So what exactly is all the talk about the quality of Varifocals? Why do costs vary so much? Now with anything in life there is often a reason things are cheaper, either it’s on offer because people want to shift the product or…

Polarised lenses
Apr 25

Polarised Lenses

Why Have Polarised Lenses? Protection from the discomfort of sun glare is the number one benefit that people want when purchasing sunglasses – both for prescription and non-prescription users.  Ordinary ‘non-polarised’ sunglasses do not provide sun glare protection, only polarised lenses can achieve this.  While sunglasses are often considered a seasonal accessory, protection from the…

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