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What bespoke varifocals means to us as an independent opticians

The Varifocal

So what exactly is all the talk about the quality of Varifocals? Why do costs vary so much? Now with anything in life there is often a reason things are cheaper, either it’s on offer because people want to shift the product or the quality waivers against its more expensive counterpart. Varifocals are no exception to this! But I understand it’s an absolute minefield when it comes to the “best” quality lenses.

Well let’s spend a little time to open your eyes to the possibilities and let me explain exactly what a bespoke varifocal can offer you and more importantly just why we use Esslior (Varilux) lenses and what value we actually perceive in these lenses.

You really haven’t experienced exceptional vision till you have tried a bespoke lens, and I guess why would you want anything but the best.

What does a varifocal actually do?

Our eyes require the ability to focus on  multiple things at a variety of distances throughout our daily life. This can range from reading a mobile phone to viewing the vast landscapes of the Sahara. (I have no idea what your life entails, but most of us require a range of vision). Now, in the “perfect” eye this range can be covered no problem until we hit about the age of about forty. As our we age close work can require a little more effort than our eyes are willing to do. Now don’t get me wrong it’s rare that anyone has “perfect’ vision hence most of the time people need a pair of glasses for 1, 2 or a multitude of distances. The realms of this are far too great to delve into with this blog so take this as an assumption.

This is where the Varifocal comes into play. The distances at which the lens will focus varies across the surface and means we can actually achieve all the ranges of vision required in one lens. Now this is great but everyone has that “friend’ or relative who can simply not get on with them and makes them feels disorientated (we have heard it all). This is where quality matters!

99.9% of people can get along with Varifocals. The people who haven’t in the past simply have not had the quality of lens they require. So why does quality matter? We pride ourselves on using bespoke Essilor lenses because we feel the innovation, technology and sheer hard work they put into the manufacture of these simply makes them the best. I recently learnt that to produce their best quality lens a standard PC with simply not handle the amount of data required. They send it off to a super computer in Norway to pull together all the information to then return and manufacture the lens. Anything that requires a super computer must be worth its weight in gold surely?

Precision, pinpoint accuracy – this is what a varifocal lens should offer

So exactly why are the lenses so good and just how much information do you need to produce this lens? This becomes very technical very quickly and so I am going to try and keep it light hearted. When we measure a lens we use something called a visi- office. This is a tall thing we stand you in front of and attach a large device to the front of your new glasses. This measures what lens parameters are required for you. The machine then goes on to measure exactly whether you naturally move your head to objects or move your eyes. It measures how the frame naturally lies on your face and how you hold your gait. It measure every angle under the sun from how your face tilts to how the angle of the lens will affect the light entering your eye. It then maps the perfect combination of varifocal for you. What I mean by this is that it maps every square micrometer to produce the best possible points of focus required to fully adapt to all your viewing needs. It knows where your eyes go to read, it knows whether you move you head to view your periphery and pretty much knows your shoe size.

This information is then sent off to our lab, then to Norway and then back to the lab. This information is translated to exactly how the lens curves and design need to be manipulated to produce the best individually tailored bespoke lens that your eyesight requires. Magnificent yes?

Why does the precision and pinpoint accuracy of bespoke varifocals cost more?

The next question…….Price? Now don’t get me wrong the cost of these bespoke varifocal lenses varies depending on just how bespoke you would like to go. Also options such as transitions, polarisation amongst other valuable considerations can add to this. But for all the technology and innovation that you get, as well as the experience you receive after, is invaluable. The level of detailed vision we require throughout daily life is insurmountable and we want to give the eyes the best possible chance to take all this in. To maximise a lens design to take all the complex movements our eyes make and to ensure they are relaxed in all possible directions of gaze is not an easy task. Unfortunately the time, technology and innovation to achieve this does come at a cost, but a cost worth committing to. How can you know exceptional if you don’t try it? Why would you settle for anything less?

Thank you for your time as always if you have any questions at all please not hesitate to contact me via email or our social media pages. We always like your feedback and love talking about why we do what we do.

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