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Crizal UV Lenses

Is one pair of spectacles ever enough? Multiple pair offer now in practice.  

We are proud to introduce our new online service

For all your Optical solutions including dry eye products, nutritional supplements, contact lens solutions and accessories.

Jean comments on dyslexia article

Recent press coverage of a study published in the USA looking at the relationship between vision deficiencies and dyslexia has passed doubt on the validity of colour when treating visual stress. The... frames now in

The collections are a marriage of early hip hop contemporary progressive influences. Rooted in popular culture, ill.i is both unique and unexpected with a forward thinking and unconventional approach. All frames are...

Bad blue light filter

Come in and ask us about the bad blue-violet light – part of the visible light we see which is present in sunlight, and emitted by computers, smartphones, tablet devices and energy-saving...

A Proud Day for us all

On Tuesday 6th November at Central Hall London, our own Nigel Oldbury formally received the prestigious Diploma in Therapeutics (Independent Prescribing). The Diploma is awarded following two years of training in the...

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