Please see below a selection of customer comments, letters and emails that we have received over the years.

Having decided to visit an optician nearer to home last year I found myself returning back to Oldbury & Cruickshank Opticians this year because the quality of their eye examinations is far superior than anything I have had elsewhere.

Roy Gibson

There is a calm , friendly atmosphere and an air of experience which gives you great confidence.After all our eyes are truly precious.

Mrs B

11/10 for your quick response to dealing with my eye problem.

Patricia Barton

you`ve had a lot of changes since I was last here. Its amazing!! A very nice place to work

Marion Janson

Thank you to everyone, you`ve all been very kind and understanding

Carol Longmore

Thank you for a thorough eye test Kelly, its the best test I`ve ever had

Jim Somerville

I love calling in to the practice as everyone is cheerful and helpful

Pleased patient from Broken Cross

  Before i had my tinted lenses, i found it extremely hard to focus on words as they kept moving around and were unclear. The gaps in-between the words were of great distraction.All of my energy for reading was enforced on deciphering the word,trying my best to ignore the spaces in-between the letters and keep the letters still on the page.As a result my reading was extremely slow and full of mistakes and i became tired quickly. The prescription tinted glasses were amazing! They made reading a breeze.The words were clear,there was no previous distractions which i had before. I began to read fluently, something which i had never done before. As all of my energy was not put into deciphering individual words, i could read for so much longer and mistakes became much less frequent. I felt over the moon. I knew i wasn`t stupid.They have given confidence both inside and outside of school. The tinted glasses have been life changing. I have been able to achieve a First Class Honours in Ecology and Physical Geography at University.      


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